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Marrisse Whittaker

Hello and welcome to my website, where I will keep you up to date on the latest news views and hot gossip about my latest works of crime fiction.

In between hunting down serial killers and searching out new ways to bury bodies, I’ll be letting a few skeletons out of the cupboard on the subject of how to create scripts and get them on screen and write novels that get snapped up by publishers.

When I’m not lost in the risky world of psychological thriller writing, I like wandering around the spectacular surf and turf landscape in my local area, getting creative in the kitchen and having fun with friends and family. I’m inviting you to join me on this rather crazy storytelling journey and maybe inspire you to start producing your own magical tales along the way.


There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway.


Book 5 in “The Billie Wilde Thrillers”

Private investigator Billie Wilde and her partner Ellis Darque face the daunting task of investigating death threats against a local bakery. But Wilde and Darque have different ideas about how to handle the case.

Buried Dreams

Book 4 in “The Billie Wilde Thrillers”

Billie Wilde left the police force to team up with PI Ellis Darque—but when a skeleton in a wedding dress is unearthed in Ellis’s new house, followed by another body in the garden, Billie begins to realise her new outsider status has its disadvantages.

The Mad Hatter Murders

Book 3 in “The Billie Wilde Thrillers”

DSI Billie Wilde’s romantic relationship is intense—but it’s nothing compared to the pressure of her latest case, especially since the new chief of police is gunning for her squad.

The Devil’s Line

Book 2 in “The Billie Wilde Thrillers”

Billie Wilde is thrown into another shocking chase to bring a serial killer to justice, when a teenage girl is killed by a fast-moving train. There are surprising links to another death, that of an old-time gangland boss. His head removed from his body and served up on a seafood platter.

The Magpie

Book 1 in “The Billie Wilde Thrillers”

When a series of shocking murders are showcased across the North East of England, hidden skeletons come hurtling from dark corners. Billie is forced to confront her past and face the truth – that she is the ultimate target, now firmly in the executioner’s sights.

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